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S350X, ThinkView such as 23.8-inch one machine, high-end commercial and game machine artifact!

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S350X, ThinkView such as 23.8-inch one machine, high-end commercial and game machine artifact!

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How to choose a suitable all in one computer is plaguing many people. Most people can only choose through the introduction of friends or the recommendation of the store. In fact, the easiest way is to pay attention to its processor & graphics performance, user experience, appearance process design, black technology.

Powerful screen

S350X V-type base

Using a 23.8 inch borderless screen

With a discreted graphics card

1920X1080 full HD widescreen

Render more image details, colorful

The picture is transparent and the text is sharp and clear

178° wide viewing angle, office, video, games, enjoy a smooth experience


This kind of screen picture is more delicate and vivid.

It is the first choice for business office and online drama.


For example, the main areas of the Busii Plus series include commerce, design software, and gaming entertainment.

❶Business office

Such as the business can be paired with digital dual-meter HD camera

Innovative design digital dual-meter HD camera, physically closed

Protect user privacy and further use computer security


The hard disk can be equipped with M.2 SSD and

2.5" HDD dual hard drive, software running and file storage are correct

Also keep a DVD burner for more scenes


Adjustable elevation, adjustable base bracket angle, forward tilt 3 degrees, backward tilt 20 degrees

Take care of your cervical vertebra and work comfortably for a long time


More user-friendly keyboard interface

There are commonly used brightness adjustments to close the screen.

USB, card reader interface, etc. are placed on the left side of the fuselage to make your daily use more convenient.


There is a complete interface at the bottom


❷Design software

Hard disk can be mounted on M.2 SSD and 2.5 "HDD dual hard disk, software running and file storage support

It also retains DVD recording CD-ROM for more scenarios.


Support standard VESA wall mount interface to meet individual needs

Designed to take into account the individual customer needs, adhere to the VESA wall-mounted interface, the use is no longer limited to the desktop, but also meet the wall-hanging needs of hotels, restaurants, industrial applications.



Busii Plus Series can be equipped with H310 motherboard and the latest Intel 8-generation processor

Do not have to worry about the game running.

The cooling fan adopts the active air guiding and cooling system of the turbo fan to ensure the long-term efficient operation of the machine.


As an old brand of AIO pc, we can provide good quality and higher level technology products. Take the cost-effective line, in order to better serve the vast number of consumers. In short, this high cost-effective computer is a good choice for both working and students.

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