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S250X, ThinkView such as the business 21.5-inch one machine, industry and commercial machine model!

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S250X, ThinkView such as the business 21.5-inch one machine, industry and commercial machine model!

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Such as the new S250X listing, to meet your expectations:

Compatible with Intel & AMD's latest motherboard solutions

Optional optical drive & discrete graphics to meet diverse needs

Digital dual-meter HD camera (physical privacy cover)

Support standard VESA interface wall mount

Support M.2 SSD+2.5" HDD dual hard disk

S250X, ThinkView such as the business 21.5 吋 one machine, industry and commercial machine model!

more details

Square Base 21.5 inches S250X 

It adopts 21.5 inch borderless screen, with independent graphics card, 1920*1080 full HD widescreen to display more image details, colorful, transparent, clear and clear text 178° wide viewing angle, office, industry first choice.


Digital double wheat HD camera

The innovative design of the digital dual-meter high-definition camera can protect the user's privacy and protect the user's privacy.


Rich expansion to meet diverse needs

Ingenious design, to make you satisfaction: optional optical drive & discrete graphics, to meet the diverse needs of customers; with the latest motherboard solution intel & AMD, the machine is not entangled; support M.2 SSD + 2.5" HDD dual hard drive, high level of appearance, the same can be equipped with 1050ti dual fan 4G discrete graphics.


Adjustable elevation angle Comfort for you

 The base bracket can be adjusted in angle, 3° forward and 20° backward. It is convenient to adjust to the required angle, and protect your cervical vertebrae for long-term comfortable office entertainment.


Rich button interface, more convenient to use

   Investigate the user's habits, think about what the customer needs, adjust the brightness of the customer's usual use, turn off the screen, USB, card reader interface, etc. on the left side of the fuselage, making your daily use more convenient.


Support standard VESA wall mount interface to meet individual needs

Designed to take into account the individual customer needs, adhere to the VESA wall-mounted interface, the use is no longer limited to the desktop, but also meet the wall-hanging needs of hotels, restaurants, industrial applications.


  Busii. Plus series S350X and S250X, these two models are craftsmanship. Adhering to ThinkView vision of creating value for customers, in order to better repay the consumer group, action is better than heart!

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