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Touch AIO Multi-Function Applications

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Touch AIO Multi-Function Applications

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The touch AIO various functions of projector, electronic whiteboard, stereo, TV, video conferencing terminal, and centrally solves the remote communication in the conference, the high-definition display of the conference document, the video file playback, the live audio, the screen writing, the file Systematic meeting requirements such as labeling, saving, and distribution. At present, there are many touch all-in-one products on the market. Although the brands are different, the functions are mostly similar, mainly including wireless projection, whiteboard writing, remote conference, touch and other functions.

Touch one machine

We often see machines that advertise on the roadside or in hotels, restaurants, airports, banks, etc. This is the vertical advertising machine mentioned in today's article. What I usually see is a debugged advertising machine that normally completes the looping of the screen, but do you know what to do if you want to change the playback screen?

Touch AIO stand-alone version

When replacing the screen of the stand-alone advertising machine, you need to take out the memory card in the advertising machine, copy the program, screen and video you want to replace directly on the computer, and then insert the memory card into the advertising machine to debug the playback. The order is fine. This kind of operation is actually the same as downloading content on a computer with a USB flash drive, which is simple and fast.

Touch AIO online version

If you have more advertising machines and a wider coverage, we recommend that customers use the online version of the vertical advertising machine, because it is more convenient to change the screen. Because there are a large number of advertising machines, if you use the stand-alone version to replace the content, you will need a lot of manpower to pull the card, so the online version is relatively convenient. You only need to download the content through the Internet in the network terminal. Then replace the delivery, it will replace all the contents of the vertical advertising machine at one time, which is efficient and convenient.

The above is the method of replacing the screens of the two vertical advertising machines that we propose. We use different machines for different functions, and the method of changing the face changing is also different. Shenzhen vertical advertising machine manufacturers ctvs suggest that everyone choose the type of advertising machine according to their own propaganda needs, if it only needs to be used in one place, then the stand-alone version is enough, if it is a large-scale promotion, then The web version is recommended. 

1, Interactive touch query

The media advertising machine is created to simplify the operation of the computer. Its main function is to use for information inquiry. Manufacturers can tailor the query software according to different industry requirements. Publishers can enter and publish relevant information. Users only need to touch the touch screen to query the information and services they want, which is fast and simple. Public information inquiry, self-service business handling and other functions have enhanced human-computer interaction.

2, Easy to operate, safe and reliable

Although the application of computers is now very popular, not everyone can skillfully use the mouse and keyboard of a traditional computer to operate. The application of the touch inquiry machine solves this problem perfectly. It does not need to use the keyboard and mouse for its operation. If you want to check what needs only the finger to touch the contact, you can get the answer and greatly facilitate the operation. Another point is that it completely locks the operation of the computer on the computer screen. Without the keyboard and mouse, it is safe and reliable, and will not affect the operation of the system due to the user's operation.

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