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Which one is better for all-in-one computers and desktop computers?

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Which one is better for all-in-one computers and desktop computers?

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The all-in-one and desktop machines mentioned here refer to computers and all-in-ones. As the name implies, the screen and the host are integrated and more integrated. The desktop is divided into a host and a chassis, which are separated. When the host is fixed, the screen can be replaced, and vice versa.

First, space occupation

The integrated machine is obviously more space-saving due to the integration of the host and the screen, and the amount of space occupied by it is often proportional to the screen size. It also reduces cable connections and makes the desktop cleaner.

The desktop consists of two main components: the main unit and the screen. In addition to the factors affecting the size of the screen, the main unit can be large or small, with a high degree of personalization. In addition to the cables that need to be connected, most desktops are more integrated than the one. More space.

All-in-one computer

Second, hardware and performance

Or because of the high degree of integration, the integrated machine mostly uses the mobile version of the processor or graphics card, memory and other accessories due to the limitation of the internal space. The design of the heat dissipation is also controlled, so the performance is the same. Next, the all-in-one computer is slightly lower than the desktop. And more all-in-one machines are only to meet basic needs, such as office-based all-in-ones, which may not be as much as the performance of office notebooks.

Because the chassis can be designed infinitely, the space inside the mainframe is larger, at least in terms of heat dissipation, such as the use of larger fans or even water cooling systems. Due to the better thermal design, you can make greater use of hardware performance, even overclocking design, so the performance advantage of the desktop is definitely more obvious.

Third, scalability

The all-in-one is actually a large-screen notebook, and its internal space is limited. Even some ones use on-board memory or solid-state hard disk solutions to compress the size of the whole machine. The processor and graphics card cannot be replaced. There is no room for expansion inside such an all-in-one. Even if you use independent memory or hard disk, most of the all-in-one disassembling methods are very troublesome and are not suitable for general users to disassemble. So once you choose the all-in-one, basically it is the end.

However, for desktop computers, the scalability is much more abundant. In addition to the replacement of various sizes and types of displays, it is also possible to expand or replace more easily in hardware configuration, processors, graphics cards, sound cards, Graphics cards, memory, hard drives, fans, etc., there is a lot of room to choose from, you can build your own desktop computer according to your own budget and needs. Includes full customization of the main chassis.

Fourth, maintainability

The main point here is the convenience of maintenance and repair at the hardware level.

The all-in-one machine is basically not maintainable on the hardware, because most of the hardware is integrated on one motherboard, so the whole body may cause the whole motherboard to be replaced. Due to its smallness and integration, it may be Will face the dilemma of the lack of accessories, so that they have to give up all.

Most of the mainframes of the desktop are disassembled with tools. It is easy to open the cover to maintain the interior, such as dust removal and replacement parts.

Five, mobility

In general, in addition to notebooks, whether it is a desktop or an all-in-one, it does not involve mobility. However, we may also face the handling of moving, transferring, etc., then the mobility in this case is definitely more convenient for the all-in-one.

Aside from the keyboard and mouse and other peripherals, the hardware configuration of the all-in-one is integrated with the screen, and the weight of the whole machine is also relatively light. As long as a power supply is stored, it can be easily removed, even if it is 24 inches. 30-inch, including girls can easily take away.

But the desktop is divided into the mainframe and the screen, and the desktop chassis is mostly made of pure steel, very heavy, plus the internal hardware also includes a large power supply, fan, discrete graphics, and a larger mechanical hard drive, optical drive Wait, only one host may be a few pounds. If it's a customized, more personalized desktop, it's definitely harder to move.

Six, what is the difference between the one machine and the desktop?

In addition to the difference in appearance and hardware configuration, in fact, the existence of the all-in-one is indeed inseparable from the demand.

The first is that in the appearance, the all-in-one machine is more space-saving, and the simple and stylish appearance is very elegant in the office or in the family, giving people a sense of neatness.

Due to the high integration of the all-in-one machine, the “shrinkage” in the hardware configuration also limits its performance, such as professional graphics, graphics and image processing, large-scale games and other high-performance requirements. It is difficult for the all-in-one machine to be stretched. . But for daily web browsing, video conferencing, document processing, mail processing, simple graphic design, online video viewing, the all-in-one machine can still handle enough. Simply put, the all-in-one is the thin and light office in the notebook, which does not require very strong performance, but can cope with daily office needs.

But if you are engaged in designers, program development, modeling rendering, video editing, game development, professional gaming, etc., the demand for computer performance is very high, it must be only desktop, even server-level computers can do the job.

In general, whether it is an all-in-one or a desktop, it depends on the needs of the users. Now, do you know whether to choose a machine or a desktop?

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