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Shenzhen Computer Industry Summit was successfully held

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Shenzhen Computer Industry Summit was successfully held

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On January 25th, “Shenzhen Computer Industry Summit and 2017 Annual Commendation Conference” was held in Kexing Science Park, Nanshan District, Shenzhen.


Summit commendation meeting venue


Chairman of the Shenzhen Computer Association Du Heping made an important speech

President Du said that in 2017, the Association adhered to precise and pragmatic services. By integrating industry resources, strengthening upstream and downstream synergies, and creating a good development space for enterprises to work together to become bigger and stronger; improving the construction of high-end platforms, providing talents and knowledge for member companies. Four services: property rights, supply chain, and management consulting. In 2018, the association will further integrate resources to build a shared win-win situation.

In 2017, the Shenzhen computer industry has emerged a number of outstanding annual figures and outstanding enterprises that have not forgotten their initial intentions and forged ahead. They have launched a number of well-recognized Shenzhen products. In order to commend the advanced, establish a typical, and further stimulate the entrepreneurial spirit and the spirit of dual innovation of enterprises and individuals, the Association has honored the outstanding individuals and collectives.


Mr. Hu Haiping, General Manager of Shenzhen Thinkview Technology Co., Ltd. (fifth from right) and other outstanding entrepreneurs received awards from the association.


“Shenzhen Good Products” enterprise representative won the award (Thinkview won the “Shenzhen Good Product” award (fifth from left)


Excellent entrepreneur Hu Haiping made a speech

Mr. Hu Haiping said that in the past few years, the leaders of associations and associations have given a high degree of strategic guidance and continuous support to the development of Imagine Albert. The company has really felt the good intentions of the association for the development of its members. In his speech, Mr. Hu Haiping called on everyone to join the association for more communication and exchange, and wished the association to be more and more brilliant!




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