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AIO pc guide

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AIO pc guide

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The all-in-one is mainly a new form of computer that integrates the main unit and the display. The price of all-in-one computers in the market is also different, but the experience of many low-priced ones is very limited, so it is generally recommended to use only high-end one-piece products, and the experience is better. Because of the work needs, I bought a imaginative business-like machine, which is a high-end one.

There are also many people who, like me, suddenly come into contact with new devices, but need to use them quickly. This is why today I want to write this article, I hope to help everyone get started with their devices faster.

Be sure to think about your needs before choosing an all-in-one. If you want to experience a large online game or a stand-alone game, you might as well buy a game-based desktop host, but if you want to play the configuration requirements of League of Legends. Not a very big game, Imagine a machine can still be competent. In addition, in the office scene, Imagine all-in-one products are more convenient, especially for people like me who need high-precision design requirements, high-configuration integrated machine can improve work efficiency.

All-in-one computer

First look at the configuration, the general high-end point of the all-machine processor is mostly i5, graphics card, like we imagine the one machine is GT1050, also has a resolution of 1920 * 1080P, which is very helpful for my work, after all, The delicate picture display is still very important.

If the configuration meets the requirements, then look at the featured application technology on the all-in-one computer, which is usually display and sound effects. Like the imaginative all-in-one, it uses the sound of the master sound, wide color gamut and other technologies, which is very helpful for the design work, even if it is used to watch the video is very comfortable.

In fact, the company is also a computer, it must be understood about its configuration, performance and internal applications, after all, the one machine can be disassembled and replaced at any time like a desktop computer, you must think about these issues before buying. Or consult a professional. 

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