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Analyse the heat dissipation problem of the all-in-one computer

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Analyse the heat dissipation problem of the all-in-one computer

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Speaking of heat dissipation, many people think that the more fans, the higher the power, the higher the speed, the better the heat dissipation effect. This kind of understanding is wrong, and it does not say that the fan increases the power consumption of the whole machine, the installation position, etc. The impact of the single noise is so difficult for users to accept. Therefore, an excellent cooling solution is not only a matter of adding two fans, but also taking into account the specific situation of the whole machine, taking into account many factors such as heat dissipation, noise, power consumption, installation, etc., in order to achieve the best results, because of this, We will see so many "fantastic" places in the heat dissipation design of the all-in-one machine, and these "fancy" places are all products of targeted design for the special case of the all-in-one machine. Tailored to optimize the essence of the design.

Why should I install a "useless" fan for the all-in-one computer?

On some of the all-in-one computer products, the metal cover inside the fuselage can be seen with a turbo fan. It is strange that there is no heat pipe at the front end of the fan, which looks like a "useless" fan. In fact, as long as you look closely, you will find that at the front end of this fan, it is the motherboard chip heatsink, the fan can take away the heat on the chip. However, this is not the main purpose of this fan. In fact, in order to form a reasonable air duct, and in order to reduce interference and electromagnetic radiation, the main board part is covered with a metal shield, although the heat of the main heat-generating component CPU and the graphics card is transferred to the outer end of the metal shield by the heat pipe, and The fan is discharged from the outside of the machine. However, the heat of the chipset and the high temperature of the graphics card heat pipe itself will increase the temperature inside the shield, which affects the stability of the whole machine. Therefore, adding this fan to the shield is to let the air in the shield flow. In order to discharge the heat generated by the motherboard out of the machine. The one-piece body is smaller than the traditional one, but it needs to accommodate components with higher power consumption than the notebook. Therefore, the seemingly "useless" fan is actually to strengthen the air duct and is the essence of the whole machine design.

All-in-one computer

Why should an all-in-one computer focus on heat dissipation?

In many all-in-one computers, we can see that it has specially added a fan on the side of the hard disk to assist the heat dissipation of the hard disk. In the laptop, the hard disk that has not been taken care of by the key is enjoyed in the all-in-one machine. High-standard treatment? The answer is because the hard disk is different.

For laptops, it uses a 2.5-inch hard drive, usually only 2W ~ 3W power consumption. Even so, the hard drive often bears the burden of baking the wrist rest and affecting the use of the feeling. Relatively speaking, the all-in-one machine has more space advantages than laptop, and there is enough space for installing the hard disk. In addition, the performance of the desktop 3.5-inch hard disk is much higher than that of the laptop 2.5-inch hard disk, and the price is also much cheaper. In this case, the vast majority of all-in-one machines use 3.5-inch hard drives, and the power consumption of 3.5-inch hard drives can be as high as 10 watts. It is difficult to rely on free cooling when the all-in-one is more compact than traditional desktops. Keep it cool and stable. Therefore, the hard disk becomes one of the key parts of the heat dissipation of the integrated machine, and the integrated machine has to add a cooling fan specifically for the hard disk.

Why are there some top heat dissipation and ordinary heat dissipation?

The mainframe of an integrated machine is usually behind the screen. Most cooling fans are located at the top of the integrated machine, which emits heat upward and outward. This design is not only for human consideration, but also to avoid the hot air blowing on the table, affecting the operator's experience. In addition, the cold air at the bottom of the main engine is sucked in by fully utilizing the principle of aerodynamics. After the air is heated, it rises naturally and is discharged from the upper exhaust fan, thus saving half of the normal time for heat dissipation.

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