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Education Solutions

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Education Solutions

  • Education Solutions

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Education  Solutions

1. Large amount of daily maintenance of systems and applications

Currently, school PCs use decentralized management, and administrators often spend a lot of time and effort on maintenance. When a virus attacks on a local area network, an operating system upgrades a patch, updates an application or teaching software, and replaces a courseware, it takes a lot of time for administrators and teachers to rebuild the teaching environment, often affecting normal teaching.

2. Lack of continuity of teaching

The use of "restore card" is generally used. Although it reduces the amount of maintenance, it also limits the archive retention of the courseware of teachers and students. Frequently, the data does not exist in the system, and all the data is lost. The experiments that were not completed in the previous lesson cannot. Stay in the next lesson and continue.

3. IT asset management is inadequate 

The configuration of PCs distributed in each classroom is relatively cumbersome, and it is easy to cause unclear registration, registration and actual configuration are not consistent.

Education and teaching solutions

Analysis of IT needs in the education industry

The traditional education industry generally adopts the PC model. In addition to the above problems, IT administrators need to work hard, work stability is poor, virus Trojans are malicious, and students' intentions of destruction are urgent. Therefore, schools need a new type of problem. The IT infrastructure to meet the following needs:

1. Centralized management

2. Efficient operation and maintenance

3. Safe and reliable

4. Energy saving and environmental protection

Solution concept: What is the desktop cloud teaching computer?

The desktop cloud teaching all in one machine provides one or more high-performance servers to provide teachers and students with the same desktop system as traditional PCs through virtualization technology. Through the desktop cloud teaching and learning machine school, teachers can be built in a very short time. Network, teacher machine, test center, multimedia classroom, electronic reading room and other business scenarios.

Education and teaching solutions

Education Solution

The Jinghua Science and Technology Teaching Machine is designed specifically for the problems encountered by various institutions in traditional IT use. For the electronic reading room, electronic classroom, teacher office and other scenarios, users can adopt VDI virtual desktop and IDV streaming desktop delivery methods according to the weight of the application.

Program Benefits: The Value Brought to the School by the Desktop Cloud Teaching Machine

1. Centralized management and control, efficient courseware management

The teaching integrated machine provides a centralized and unified management platform, which can effectively manage the teaching courseware, the teacher's desktop and the teaching terminal, and provide the asset management of the teaching terminal, so that the administrator can solve all the operation and maintenance management problems without leaving the house. And quickly deliver different teaching environments.

2. Improve teaching continuity and improve learning efficiency 

The user desktops released through the teaching machine have the “restore” capability of the “Restore Card” function, and enable students and teachers to retain their learning and teaching environment for future course use and learning, teaching review.

3. Improve user experience

The education AIO pc provides an ordinary courseware environment, teaching environment, office environment, high-end design teaching environment, multimedia teaching environment, etc., and different users can enjoy the perfect user experience.

4. Flexibility

Through the teaching machine, students and teachers can use their own desktop system to build a flexible learning and teaching environment in any place with network connection on campus.

5. Save Energy saving and environmental protection

The cloud terminal device used by the desktop cloud all-in-one machine has the characteristics of small size, few electronic components, low power consumption, zero noise, and a service life of 5-8 years. The use of a desktop cloud machine to build a teaching environment reflects the school's environmental philosophy.

6. High security

The data is stored centrally on the backend server, the terminal has no data, and the peripherals are controlled.

Education and teaching solutions

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