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i-cafe Gaming pc Solutions

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i-cafe Gaming pc Solutions

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With the healthy development of China's gaming industry, as well as the continuous innovation of PC hardware technology, the game market is also rising. Ordinary players no longer need expensive payment, personal computers no longer worry about performance, users are also more inclined to high-value and personalized products. Internet cafes, as the most important game venues in the past decade, have developed the concept of "Internet cafe". With consumers'pursuit of high-quality and delicate life, Internet cafes have gradually become a new type of business with entertainment and leisure functions, and have been rapidly popularized in China, which is greatly enjoyed.

ThinkView AIO pc

ThinkView/Imagination World Game E-sports series is a DIY PRO product, and its series of products can meet the needs of modern Internet cafes in terms of design and workmanship details.

First, save space and optimize the environment

1. The space under the lower leg of the table: there is no “chassis” in front and rear or left and right. The space is spacious, the legs and legs are flexible and comfortable, and the Internet is comfortable. At the same time, there is no dead corner for cleaning. The overall environment has been greatly improved, and it is also attracting and retaining customers. factor.

Second, good heat dissipation, less dust;

1. For many consumers and Internet cafe owners, the most worrying thing is the game performance of the all-in-one and the heat dissipation effect of the whole machine in the high-performance application environment. ThinkView/Imagining the world R&D team optimizes the thermal design through various methods in the heat dissipation, and creatively solves the contradiction between the performance and heat dissipation of the integrated machine; therefore, each model of ThinkView/Imaginary World Games E-sports has the best heat dissipation solution. Program.

2. Less dust on the desktop, resulting in less dust absorption of the internal cooling fan of the integrated machine, less dust adhesion of the electrical components of the internal motherboard graphics card, and more favorable for heat dissipation;

Third, easy to maintain, save trouble.

All fault repair, troubleshooting, wire (power cord, network cable, keyboard and mouse cable, headphone cable, etc.) are easily solved on the desktop above the desktop; thus avoiding the troubles, labor and many other tasks of drilling the "cage" under the desktop. Convenience. Moreover, from the source of product production, the problem of localization service of the agent is solved, and the agent is assisted to establish a spare parts library to solve the problem in time, so that the customer does not have to wait!

Fourth, anti-theft design, safe and worry-free.

The monitoring of Internet cafes can only see the desktop above, thus avoiding the monitoring blind zone of the “traditional host” on the desktop, reducing the accident caused by the theft of accessories, and reducing the loss of the stolen parts. Moreover, the ThinkView/Imagining World Gaming E-sports machine also made detailed considerations on the anti-theft design of the product. Around the circle of anti-theft screws, the thief can hardly succeed in a short time. As the saying goes: thieves can't finish, the key is prevention!


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