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Commercial AIO pc Case

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Commercial AIO pc Case

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Commercial AIO pc case

Commercial computers are computers designed for business applications. It includes two basic types of business desktops and commercial notebooks. In fact, the invention of the computer was originally designed for commercial computing. Later, individual users also proposed the requirements of electronic computing, and then had a wide range of computer applications. Although they are all computers, from design concept to software configuration, including after-sales service, we are working towards different goals.


1. Communication and computing work together increasingly

Communications and computing are increasingly working together to connect users, colleagues, and the world, whether at the company or at home.

2. Online

The widespread use of the Internet and wireless technologies has spawned a world of "always connected, always online." Users don't have to spend time waiting for the computer to "launch" to view their email, calendar or stock securities.

3. Digital substitution simulation

All types of media are gradually replacing analog with numbers, and music, photos, television, home movies and even news have become digital. Users can also easily store, process and exchange digital media.

4. Global organization

The emergence of global connectivity has created a truly global organization, and most companies are struggling to improve global collaboration and work to harmonize language and culture.

5. Labor decentralization

Labor decentralization is expanding labor resources, increasing productivity, and bringing producers closer to consumers. This decentralization poses challenges to communications infrastructure, security, and management.

6. Knowledge workers

The concept of knowledge workers includes more and more employees, from workers on the production line to salespeople to senior managers: information processing technology has changed from behind-the-scenes activities used by only a few people to one person to each employee. The key to work.

7. Computer usability

Making computers easier to operate will be the dominant factor in technological advancement. For business users, the high complexity of personal computers hinders further productivity gains; for individual users, most people still cannot fully master their systems, and the benefits of technology are often manipulated. The difficulty of the equipment is weakened.

8. Green environmental protection

For a long time, major PC manufacturers are actively promoting their different green computers. Especially in the commercial field, it has increased the promotion. However, it should not be overlooked that after entering 2009, with the gradual expansion of the global financial turmoil, many companies are not really interested in green computers when purchasing. In the face of this situation, only by transforming the concept of “green” into the concept of “saving money” can we attract corporate users to pay more! For now, both business desktops and business notebooks are doing quite well in this regard. With the participation of Intel, the industry leader, the processor market has been moving from 65nm manufacturing process to 45nm advanced technology in 2008.

A series of problems such as large heat generation, unsatisfactory power control, and inability to improve the main frequency have been well solved with the emergence of new technologies. Take the Intel camp's main Q8200 quad-core processor, although its frequency dropped to 2.33GHz. However, due to the latest 45nm process technology, its performance is still comparable to the Q6600 processor with a 2.4GHz clock. More importantly, the Q8200 processor consumes less power, generates less heat, and is more power efficient. At the same time, low-end dual-core processors are also actively promoting 445 nm process technology.

Whether it is the desktop platform E5200 or the mobile platform T4200, it is a typical representative of low-power processors using 45nm process technology. According to the corresponding test data, desktop or notebooks using 45nm process technology processors will reduce energy consumption by 25% to 35% compared to platforms using 65nm process technology. With a monthly electricity bill, you can save about 1/3.

To be sure, low power consumption will become the main trend in the future development of the commercial field, and the concept of energy saving and power saving will bring more economic benefits to enterprise users!

9. Performance is king

When it comes to the changes in commercial PCs (including business desktops and business notebooks) in recent years, the most obvious trend is that performance is king. Because with the increasing demand for enterprise applications, it must be a good performance business notebook or desktop computer can win people's hearts. In the past, the era of building commercial desktops with low-end processors and CRT monitors has passed, and commercial PCs are moving toward higher performance.

For example, Intel recently introduced a new Core i7 processor, which is an epoch-making product with a 45-nm manufacturing process and a Nehalem architecture. The Core i7 is recognized as a "technical miracle" in the industry. The processor has scored 117 points in the SPECint_base_rate2006 test (that is, by testing a certain number of tasks to test the processor speed), creating a new world record. This is also the first processor ever to score more than 100 points.

In notebooks, the latest Intel Centrino 2 processor technology uses Intel Core 2 Duo processor (Penryn) based on industry-leading Intel 45nm process technology, which is faster and consumes less power. It's more energy efficient, and it also makes business laptops get rid of the huge and clumsy shape of the past, and become light and stylish.

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